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Features in the HiTrack 3.5 Series

The HiTrack 3.5 Series is a time-proven product offering maximum functionality for Windows desktops installations. This product is available in Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition.

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HiTrack 3.5 User Manual [MS Word]

HiTrack 3.5 version software screenshot

Desktop Edition

Desktop Edition is the de-facto platform of functionality for managing your EHDI data. Here are some of the great features available in this time-proven product:


  • Access rights can be administrated by setting up users at three levels of access
  • Facility auto-fills and equipment settings easily configured
  • Physicians, screeners and audiologists can be entered and modified
  • Program Information Print-List to help facilitate linking with third-party screening equipment software
  • Nursery, language and ethnicity pick-lists can be customized
  • Site letter generation configuration
  • Required fields can be set for manual data entry
  • Define Facility Groups for reporting and filtering

Tracking Baby List

  • Easy to use browse list with appropriate result-filtering options
  • Infants needing inpatient screening can be easily seen
  • Sort-able list and find feature to locate an infant's record
  • The birth facility and birth date filter allow users to work with subsets of data

Screening Baby List

  • Helps you maintain a list of infants in the nursery who need screening
  • Easy to use browse list that lets you easily add results with Quick Add

Child Information

  • Demographic data can be entered and modified for a baby
  • Multiple contacts can be entered with one selected as a Primary Contact
  • Easy to use entry screens for:
    • Contacts
    • Screening History
    • Risk Indicator Assessments
    • Diagnostic Testing, Hearing Disposition and Audiograms
    • Recommendations and Amplification

Import & Merge Data

  • HiTrack's advanced Importer and Merger are designed to be flexible and efficient
  • Data from any number of HiTrack 3.5 databases can be aggregated and managed in a central HiTrack 3.5 system
  • Manually resolve questionable merges
  • Manually resolve "Unknown Codes" from screening equipment
  • Support for most popular screening equipment
  • Import and merge patient demographic data from hospital data systems
  • Import and merge lists of Physicians, Audiologists and Screeners from hospital data systems.
  • Review Merge History


  • Customizable letter templates in English and Spanish
  • Custom letters can be manually requested for a baby at any time
  • Letter history shows all letters generated and allows regeneration
  • Once a letter is processed from the Queue they can be modified prior to printing.


  • Baby List Reports
    • Inpatient Screening Report
    • Outpatient Screening Report
    • Infants with Risk Indicators
    • Infants with suspected Hearing Losses
    • Infants Needing Outpatient
    • Medical Record Labels
    • Infants Needing Diagnostics
  • Summary Reports
    • Tracking Flow Chart
    • State Quarterly Report
    • Hospital Summary Report
    • Screener Profile Report
    • EHDI Report for CDC
  • User defined report layouts and Custom criteria can be created and saved for later use
  • Easy to use filter options


  • A change log can be made in the database
  • Conversions from older HiTrack systems are provided free of charge with technical support if needed

Enterprise Edition

  • Enterprise Edition has all of the functionality of Desktop Edition with the following differences: Robust SQL Server back-end suitable for large installations
  • Enhanced Central Reporting

HiTrack Windows System Requirements


In most scenarios where computers are operating as "stand-alone" systems or "application only" systems the following requirements apply:

  • IBM-compatible PC or Laptop running Windows 2000 or later operating systems (32-bit editions only)
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space for installation
  • Minimum 50 MB of free hard disk space for data. (The size of your database determines the amount of hard disk space required)
  • Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768 Screen Resolution


Enterprise Edition: In scenarios where computers will be acting as HiTrack database servers IT professionals should follow Microsoft's guidelines for SQL Server 2000 installations.

Configuration Options

HiTrack 3.5 Configuration Options