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January 2015 News and updates

BRRR …. Baby Its Cold Outside!

What a way to begin the New Year! Hope all of you are keeping warm.

Here at HiTrack we have started the New Year off with a bang and have some changes we would like to take time to announce.

Saying Goodbye to Dr. Friedman

As of January 1st, Dr. Susan Friedman has retired as the Director of HiTrack. We would like to thank her for her pioneering spirit in building HiTrack into what it is today. Her invaluable insight to be able to plan for the future and her ability to decipher, not only what people wanted but also what they needed in HiTrack, will be missed greatly. We wish her every success in her next adventure. Daniel Ladner will now be the contact person for all your HiTrack licensing questions. He can be reached at 435-797-3584 or by email.

CDC Report

The annual CDC Report updates have been completed and we will be contacting State Agencies, who are using HiTrack, in the next few weeks to implement the HiTrack 4.6.0 updates. This year we've added a few new features to help you with your CDC documentation reporting. Of special note are the CDC Lost to Follow Up Baby List filter and the CDC Report Record Browse feature that shows individual records for a given CDC report number. Additionally we've added a new Audiologist Clinic Evaluation Submission Web Form to help you replace FAX and older methods of collecting off-site diagnostic data.

Annual HiTrack Update

Also on the horizon is the annual HiTrack updates for facilities using HiTrack Windows. Be sure to watch for the license / registration code message and give the HiTrack HelpDesk a call (435-797-3584 or our toll free # 1-888-827-0800). Don’t forget to get your IT staff involved, they will be needed to complete the HiTrack update.

Note HiTrack Web users; annual updates will be taken care of as we work with each of your State Agencies. However, you will still see the license / registration code message. Please do call the HiTrack HelpDesk, as this is an opportunity for us to touch base with each of you and update our contact information. We also like to take this time to offer training for new users and answer any questions you might have.

HiTrack Team