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HiTrack Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is HiTrack better for managing EHDI data than piggy-backing on other databases?

A: Unlike other newborn screening activities, EHDI often requires significant parental involvement and interaction with physicians even before diagnosis: From birth through intervention, special attention is needed to monitor outpatient appointments, doctor follow-ups and referrals. HiTrack offers tools to accomplish all of this and more.

Q: Can HiTrack share data with other electronic health records systems?

A: HiTrack's Data Exchange capability allows accurate, secure interoperability with other Electronic Health Record Systems. Leveraging data sharing technology is of paramount importance to reduce duplicate data entry and loss to follow-up.

Q: Can HiTrack be used with a web browser to enable statewide data entry into a central database?

A: The HiTrack Web Companion allows HiTrack users to connect to a centrally hosted database from any web-enabled location at no extra charge. Web Companion's full array of features makes it unique among web-enabled software. Windows or Web, HiTrack can be configured to meet every hospital's need.

Q: I'm tired of calling help desks and getting no response. What does HiTrack offer for support?

A: The HiTrack team is committed to responding to every contact within the half day. At all times you will receive courteous and knowledgeable assistance for all of your EHDI needs. Support from our multi-faceted staff includes access to a wide range of professional expertise, including HiTrack experts, developers and IT specialists.