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HiTrack User Testimonials

HiTrack is used as a state-wide system in:

Here's what their state coordinators have to say:

"HiTrack is a dynamic system with a support staff which has far exceeded our expectations and wildest dreams."
"HiTrack has been and is an invaluable tool in documenting hearing screening results, and in tracking newborns identified with hearing loss."
"Without the use of HiTrack and their incredible support, we could not possibly maintain a statewide, universal program. HiTrack allows, not only weekly electronic reports from all hospitals, but also the power to automatically generate letters to parents, physicians, and other providers."
"HiTrack lets us generate a variety of local, state and federal reports automatically. Better access to our data makes it easier to identify trends, implement program improvements, conduct research and demonstrate compliance with state and federal mandates."
"The HiTrack staff has been instrumental in not only providing a software system, but also overcoming the problems inherent in installing a statewide, 150 hospital data system."
"The HiTrack HelpDesk has never ceased to amaze us with their ability to answer our questions, iron out the problems, find creative solutions and do so within hours of our call!"
"The HiTrack software has been very responsive to the needs of [our state's] centralized office, and, by report, to the needs of hospital users."
"HiTrack has exemplary technical support staff. Staff are very willing to answer any type of software question, and work through issues with the caller at the time of the call whenever possible."
"Using HiTrack, we are able to easily track where children are in the diagnostic process and refer them for appropriate early intervention services as soon as hearing loss is confirmed."